新型冠状病毒主题英语作文 篇1

  On the eve of the Lunar New Year's day on January 24, in the morning, jingling bell, jingling bell... A rush of telephone ringing woke me up from my sweet sleep. I was confused and Zhongqiang opened my eyes. It was my mother who answered the phone: "yes, director, I am on vacation in Changzhou. What time do I report for duty today? OK, we are ready to start right away." With a slap, the bedroom light came on. My mother had quickly put on her clothes and woke up my father and me. "Get up quickly. We're going to pack up and go back to Shanghai. I'm going to assemble for Wuhan at 11 o'clock today." Dad also grumbled discontentedly, "it's only fiveo'clock. I won't let people celebrate the new year." The glare of the light made me unable to open my eyes. I shrank in the warm quilt, wrapped tightly, and shouted: "today is the new year's Eve. My great grandfather, aunt and mother-in-law are going to have a dinner with us. I want to pay New Year's greetings and earn lucky money. I haven't spent the new year in the countryside for several years." "Honey, I'll explain it to you on the way. Now get up and pack your things." My mother pulled me out of bed and put on my clothes whether I was cold or not. Grandpa and grandma in the next room got up early and got busy. One was busy preparing breakfast and the other was busy packing and making phone calls. It seems that everything they can't take away should be given to Grandpa.

  At seveno'clock, the chaos finally stopped. We had some breakfast at random. The parcels had been piled up in the trunk of the car, and the clutter on the floor could only be handled by grandpa. It was raining outside. It was not bright at all. It was still very cold. My mother dragged me into the car, and my father started the car. It began to rain heavily, and there was fog. The wipers were all turned on to the extreme. The front window glass was still blurred. I couldn't see clearly 50 meters ahead. Mom would urge dad to drive faster, and then remind him to slow down. There were few cars on the road. The water fog stirred up by the car in front was not even useful for the wiper. My father had to step on the brake again and again, which made me dizzy. I didn't want to talk, so I messed up the new year and felt terrible. My mother also ignored me, stared at the front, and took out the phone: "director, the rain is too heavy, we may arrive a little later." "Director, we are now in Changzhou." Turning to the Beijing Shanghai Expressway, the rain stopped, the eight lanes were very spacious, and there were very few cars. My father accelerated the car to 120 kilometers, and my mother relaxed a little. I should be able to arrive on time.

  My mother turned to look at me, and knew that I was very unhappy. "Do you know why my mother gave up the new year to support Wuhan?" I shook my head. "You haven't read the news these days. Now there is a new type of coronal pneumonia virus in Wuhan. Hundreds of people have been infected, and nearly 10000 people are being isolated for observation." "Is this worse than the flu?" "Of course, last month, 16 people in your class were infected with influenza and could not come to class. This kind of pneumonia virus was even worse. In 2003, a similar SARS virus occurred in Beijing. It was also transmitted through respiratory tract. Thousands of people were infected and more than 700 people died. At that time, you were not born." My mother took out her mobile phone and found out the photos of SARS. I saw that everyone in the streets was wearing masks. There were few people in the shopping malls. When doctors and nurses wore clothes like chemical protective clothing to treat patients, my heart suddenly tightened. This virus is too dangerous! "Mom, can you not go?" I asked anxiously. "No, I am the head nurse and a member of the military hospital. It is my duty to save the lives and heal the wounded. The reason why our country is strong is that we 'support from all sides when one side is in trouble'. Now Wuhan is in an emergency. That is your father's hometown. Your grandfather still lives there. My mother must contribute."

  The car ran all the way and finally got back to Shanghai on time. Mom didn't even have time to pick up the things in the car. She rushed home and simply took some clothes. Ten minutes later, mom had already picked up her small bag and stood at the door. Looking at my mother with a serious and determined face, I suddenly felt like crying: I will not be able to stay with my mother for many days, and I will not be able to eat my mother's dishes for many days. My mother is' breaking into the tiger's den '. Mother kissed me and touched my little head. "Be a little man", I nodded.

  On the evening of new year's Eve, Grandpa cooked a bowl of noodles for each of us. It has never been so lonely for the Chinese new year, and I didn't want to watch the Spring Festival Gala. There was no sound of cars or firecrackers on the road, as if time was still. At eight o'clock in the evening, my mother called and asked us to watch CCTV. She hung up before we spoke. Turn on the TV as soon as possible. It turned out that CCTV was broadcasting the scene of the Shanghai Naval Medical expedition. My mother has also been on TV. My mother, dressed in camouflage, is sitting on the bus with 150 other military doctors. The police car in front is driving. Several military cards are flying to Hongqiao Airport with medical supplies. In the drizzling rain, a military transport plane stopped on the apron. The huge cargo warehouse at the rear end had been opened. My mother and colleagues got off the bus and did not wait to stop. Each of them carried one, one carrying a combat bag, and quickly marched to the aircraft deck. No one spoke, only the commander's command. Everyone looked serious and eager. Only the clicking sound of leather shoes hitting the ground and deck was so powerful and firm. The plane skidded to the runway and roared into the night sky.

  Wuhan, no longer lonely tonight, mom and her colleagues are coming! Here comes Shanghai! The PLA is coming!

  The sound of my mother and colleagues' footsteps echoed in my ears, and my heart fell down, and I went to sleep peacefully

  Tomorrow is the first day of the new year. My winter vacation will continue

  Mother will soon triumph. Wuhan is safe too!

  新型冠状病毒主题英语作文 篇2

  Spring Festival is our traditional festival. Every Spring Festival, we can wear new clothes, visit relatives and friends, and get a lot of red envelopes. But this year is different from previous years, because the novel coronavirus has attacked us. We can only stay at home and can't go anywhere.

  Mom and dad said that now many people are infected every day, and many people have lost their lives. The situation is particularly serious. I should listen to my parents' words. I should not run around outside. I should wash my hands frequently, pay attention to hygiene, and protect myself from the virus. My father is a grass-roots cadre. He hasn't had a day off since the Spring Festival. He goes to the village every day to publicize and inspect. He is often on duty and doesn't go home. Every time my father is tired after work, I will help him beat his back and rub his waist. My father will be very happy. I want to say to my father, "you must pay attention to your safety and take care of your health. I love your father!"

  I really hope the epidemic will end soon so that we can invite our good friends to play.

  新型冠状病毒主题英语作文 篇3

  At noon on New Year's Eve, I went back to my grandmother's house for dinner. My parents hurried to take me home. Then I didn't go out until the seventh day of the first month. Are the children the same as me? Do you think this Spring Festival is different from previous years?

  My mother told me that a new type of novel coronavirus appeared in many parts of the country during this period of time. Wuhan, Hubei Province, has the largest number of sick people. Thousands of people in the country have been infected and many people have died! This virus is highly contagious, especially in places with a large number of people. It can be transmitted to others by a single droplet or touching each other.

  Children, don't be afraid. We listen to our parents, don't go out to study at home, don't contact people outside, wash our hands with soap, and remind adults that we must wear medical masks when going out, and mother will disinfect with alcohol every day, so the virus can't get close to us. The news also said that the source of these viruses is that some people have been infected by eating wild animals. We must remind people around us not to eat wild animals in the future.

  Scientists are developing drugs that can help people resist coronavirus. I believe that before long, doctors will be able to eliminate this coronavirus, and we can go to school happily.

  新型冠状病毒主题英语作文 篇4

  "With the sound of firecrackers, the spring breeze brings warmth to Tu su." In the blink of an eye, 2019 has passed, ushering in a new 2020. I still remember all kinds of scenes in 2019, cheering happily, shouting sadly, victory left by unity, and affection left by friendship. Whether at school or at home, they have left many memorable moments.

  This year's Spring Festival must be a memorable one for me. Because my father couldn't have new year's Eve dinner with us, watch the Spring Festival Gala, or take me to visit relatives and friends. He said that a new infectious disease called "novel coronavirus pneumonia" has emerged in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China Now it has spread to many provinces and cities, which is very serious. They should be on duty, on duty, on patrol, and participate in social prevention and control to prevent people from gathering and causing the spread of the virus. Mr. Lu has repeatedly told us to go out as little as possible and not to have parties these two days. No wonder there are few people on the road. They are in a hurry and are cold. They all cover their masks. In previous years, there must be a lot of traffic and happiness on the road. And the shopping mall is also empty, almost no one can be seen. In previous years, it was a sea of people, decorated with lights and decorations, and crowded with people! The amusement park also lost the laughter of the past. All this is because of this hateful virus.

  It has left people in Wuhan and all over the country in dire straits, and many medical workers have given up the opportunity to reunite with their relatives and rest, risking the risk of infection and fighting in the front line of the fight against the virus. Although we cannot contain and kill the virus and cure the patients like these medical workers and medical experts. However, we seldom go out and do not get together. We do a good job in personal protection when we go out and do not cause trouble to the country and society. It is also an indirect contribution to the fight against the virus.

  Although this year has been a little lonely, and it is not possible to visit relatives and friends and reunite with them, it is meaningful to think about contributing to the fight against this hateful virus. It is hoped that this epidemic will pass soon, so that those infected with the virus will get better soon. Go China! Come on, Wuhan! People all over the country come on!

  新型冠状病毒主题英语作文 篇5

  At the beginning of the 2020 new year, it seems that there are many differences with the past. A group of demons with anger and evil smell came to us, that is, the novel coronavirus. They took away the smiles on people's faces and drove away the joy of welcoming the new year

  Originally, these demons did not want to provoke us. They lived a carefree and free life on animals. At that time, they were like innocent children. They could ride small animals and travel around the world for free; You can take a bat flight and fly in the boundless blue sky... Even if a virus child comes to grab a position with him, he is not afraid. You know, he is the new favorite of the virus, the little overlord.

  Later, because of some people's ignorance and curiosity, they just robbed them of toys. The small animals they rode on were gone, their bat aircraft disappeared, their living environment was destroyed, and their kingdom was threatened.

  The king of the novel coronavirus kingdom was about to explode. He angrily followed the small animals to see what happened. As soon as he came to the human world, he found that the human world was much more fun than the virus Kingdom, so he tried every means to keep his people. Contact transmission, droplet transmission... All kinds of transmission channels have been thought over. As long as some people don't wear masks and wash their hands frequently, they look for living space in those people. In addition, as long as they have reached the place, as long as the conditions are appropriate, they can survive for a long time. Unfortunately, if you happen to meet them, you may catch the virus.

  Fortunately, our medical staff and scientific researchers found them at the first time. People from all walks of life rallied together to fight the epidemic, held their ground with the most scientific methods, and tried to persuade them to return to their own kingdom.

  As a primary school student, I think our primary task is to listen to the teachers' and parents' words, wash our hands frequently, wear masks, go out less and reduce the possibility of meeting them! I believe that as long as we live in peace with them and do not interfere with each other, they will return to their own country soon! Let's work together to persuade the virus to run away and create miracles!

  Go home! virus virus Go home!

  新型冠状病毒主题英语作文 篇6

  The Spring Festival is a time for families to get together and have fun. A sudden epidemic in 2020 has made the happy Spring Festival tense. The "behind the scenes" of the epidemic is the novel coronavirus.

  Pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus is an acute infectious pneumonia. The pathogen of the disease is an unprecedented virus found in human beings. It has been listed as an international public health emergency. The initial symptoms of patients are fever, fatigue, dry cough, and gradually appear severe symptoms such as difficulty in breathing or even death.

  Unite as one and tide over the difficulties together. The epidemic situation is an order, and safety is everything. Academician Zhongnanshan, doctors, nurses, soldiers, police officers and cadres all returned to their posts early and stayed there. The home we are tired of is the place they yearn for. They are the guarantee of our safety. We should pay tribute to the angels in white, police, soldiers and cadres on the front line of the war of resistance against Japan.

  The "behind the scenes" of the epidemic has led many angels in white to "go retrograde", and the letters of invitation bear the responsibility of each angel in white; Their bright black hair became victims in the battle; Those hands, which had been disinfected repeatedly all day, were no longer white and tender, but had opened their mouths; In order to complete the mission as much as possible with a protective suit, angels in white are extending their working hours every day... Seeing the way they take off their masks and protective suits, my tears fall quietly... These are the "behind the scenes" of the epidemic.

  It is said that many scientists and medical scientists are developing vaccines. It is believed that before long, the novel coronavirus will no longer continue and will "succumb to human beings". During this period, we must listen to Grandpa Zhong's words, stay at home and try not to go out. If we have to go out, we must wear a mask correctly and try not to go to crowded places. When we get home, we must first disinfect, remember the six step washing technique, eat more fruits and vegetables, ensure protein intake, maintain good hygiene and living habits, improve our own immunity, and always be ready to defeat the "behind the scenes"

  I firmly believe that with the "retrograde" of angels in white, the efforts of physicians, the protection and investigation of soldiers, police and cadres, the "behind the scenes" of the epidemic will soon be captured, and we will certainly defeat them!

  新型冠状病毒主题英语作文 篇7

  The Spring Festival in 2020, which was originally a lively and peaceful day and a time for happy family reunion, became heavy and critical due to a "war epidemic" without gunsmoke.

  In the face of the new-type pneumonia, our community management is becoming more and more strict. Various epidemic prevention slogans and notices are hung and posted everywhere outside. Strict inspection shall be carried out for the entry and exit of personnel and vehicles. There are several community volunteers and security uncles standing at the door. They don't have professional protective clothing. Instead, they wear raincoats, masks and thermometers to carefully measure the temperature of each passer-by. In the corridor, someone sprays disinfectant every day, and records the times and time of disinfection at the door. In front of and behind the building, people came to inspect every three to five times. They carried a small horn and repeatedly played "wash hands frequently, get more ventilation, go out less..." and other virus prevention reminders. There are also grandparents who are responsible for environmental sanitation in the community. They carefully clean and disinfect the garbage delivery points, supplement and classify some garbage, and can see their busy figure every day.

  My mother said, "there is no lover in the epidemic. Our community is a place of love." So many community workers, so many volunteers, and so many enthusiastic residents, their busy figure is the most beautiful!

  They are the guardians of our entire community, always protecting our homes and protecting everyone's health and safety.

  新型冠状病毒主题英语作文 篇8

  This sudden disaster was neither his wish nor his sole support. In the face of a major disaster, only by walking hand in hand and doing their best, can we work together to overcome the disaster and restore a calm and normal life. This is the moral realm of sharing weal and woe and helping each other. It is also the correct posture to save our compatriots and protect ourselves.

  "Although the epidemic situation is severe and the weather is cold, the hearts of Zhuzhou people are hot." on January 27, you Yun, a Wuhan man, sent a message of more than 400 words in his circle of friends, "thank the people of Zhuzhou for not abandoning their family of 17"; The family of three in Qianjiang was detained in Changsha on the way back from overseas tourism due to the epidemic situation, and was properly arranged by the high-speed rail new town community in Yuhua District on the chilly midnight; All districts, counties and cities in Changsha have special hotels as designated service places for people from Wuhan, Hubei Province; The online post "please forward it to the people of Wuhan: if you can't go home, Hunan people won't let you have nowhere to stay" that has been popular these days has suddenly warmed countless people... When Hubei and the people of Wuhan are stranded in other places, Hunan, which lives next to each other, has extended a warm hand.

  Hunan and Hubei "share the same river and lake" and should help each other in the same boat. Hunan requires all localities to care for people from Hubei and Wuhan, and provide mineral water and masks at the duty points of key traffic roads, reflecting humanized care. With the development of the epidemic and the improvement of the level of prevention and control, the mainstream media in Hunan took the lead in making a clear-cut proposal to put themselves in a position to feel "the psychological pressure of Wuhan people and outsiders working in Wuhan on the dilemma of" Reunion "and" epidemic prevention ", and to have a mind of" connecting the body with the heart ". To block the spread of the virus to the greatest extent, all kinds of iron fisted means and decisive measures are the inevitable options to deal with this epidemic Resistance War. However, on the basis of scientific decision, it is also our proper attitude to face our compatriots from Hubei and Wuhan in a caring and flexible way.

  Drug isolation is not heart isolation, and anti epidemic is not "fear of Hubei". When the epidemic struck, Wu Anhua, an infection control expert at Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, left for Wuhan on January 21, becoming one of the first medical experts to enter Wuhan; On January 24, Zoomlion urgently mobilized large-scale equipment to help the construction of huoshenshan hospital. On New Year's Eve, people and machines did not stop; On the first day of the first month of the first lunar month, when thousands of families were reunited, the 137 member medical team organized by Hunan Provincial Health Commission set out at night to help Hubei; Countless ordinary people in Hunan use their own actions to interpret the connotation of "two lakes and one family".

  Historically, the people of Hunan have always stood up in a "humble and sincere" attitude at critical moments. It is this kind of "clumsy sincerity" that supports the long-standing and world-renowned Huxiang culture. Hunan people who are eager for justice clearly know that this sudden disaster is neither their wish nor their sole support. In the face of a major disaster, only by walking hand in hand and doing their best, can we work together to overcome the disaster and restore a calm and normal life. This is the moral realm of sharing weal and woe and helping each other. It is also the correct posture to save our compatriots and protect ourselves.

  Hunan and Hubei are adjacent to each other. 13 counties and urban areas are connected with Jingchu by land and water. Hunan and Chu are closely linked. When the epidemic strikes, people of all ages, places of all ages, North and south, we are all fighting against the "epidemic". The rising "Brotherhood" after the test of the disaster will bring people of the two places closer and closer.

  新型冠状病毒主题英语作文 篇9

  Recently, we are all troubled by a new type of coronavirus. Let's popularize science.

  What is coronavirus? Coronavirus is a kind of virus widely existing in nature. Why is it named? The shape of the virus is similar to the crown under the microscope, so it is named coronavirus. It is a new type of virus, which has never been found in humans. In view of the source of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus in Wuhan, Hubei Province, experts confirmed on the 22nd that the source of the virus is wild animals sold in the seafood market. Its transmission route is mainly respiratory transmission, including saliva transmission, droplet transmission and contact transmission. It is contagious, but sensitive to ultraviolet and heat. 56 ℃ for 30 minutes, as well as ether, 75% ethanol, peracetic acid and chloroform fat solvent can effectively inactivate the virus! There is no effective vaccine for pneumonia infected by novel coronavirus. Experts are developing it. Now we should do a good job in personal protection.

  It is recommended not to go to the crowd gathering place, wash hands frequently, drink more water, ventilate frequently, and wear masks when going out! Everyone is responsible for protection!

  新型冠状病毒主题英语作文 篇10

  Hello everyone, I am a terrible novel coronavirus. Why am I called coronavirus? Because I am like a crown, scientists give me such a name. I am one of the seven common viruses parasitic on bats. Due to the destruction of the natural environment and natural laws, I accidentally parasitized on other animals. Just like the SARS virus parasitized on civets in 2003, I couldn't stop human greed. I opened Pandora's box and the virus met fat human hosts. There is no reason why I don't like it. When we first met SARS in 2003, we were defeated by the trick. But I am much more powerful than the SARS SRAS virus in 2003. With my low toxicity and long incubation period, it spreads widely and enters the human lung tissue. However, humans are not willing to be outdone. They have found my weakness, that is, I am afraid of high temperature. Generally, it can kill me when it lasts for 30 minutes at 56 degrees Celsius, and 75% alcohol can kill me.

  Although I am so terrible, as long as human beings take protective measures, wash their hands frequently, wear masks, go out less and do not gather, they will certainly defeat me!

  新型冠状病毒主题英语作文 篇11

  Novel coronavirus, a large family of viruses, can cause colds, Middle East respiratory syndrome, severe acute respiratory syndrome and other serious diseases. It can infect people, rats, pigs, cats, dogs, wolves, chickens, cattle, poultry vertebrates.

  Novel coronavirus can be seen under the electron microscope as a coronal periphery, so it is called coronavirus. It also has many long spinous processes. It is like a ghost. We don't know where it is hidden and why so many people are infected. But it wants to destroy our lives!

  The transmission routes of novel coronavirus include respiratory droplet transmission and contact transmission. There is also fecal oral transmission. This "ghost" is cunning and hidden, which has troubled the current scientific research personnel. However, as long as we don't go out at home, keep ventilated frequently, wash our hands more, if we want to go out, we must do a good job in personal protection, wear masks, and don't go to places with many people. It is believed that scientists will soon find a way to eliminate this "ghost". Students must remember to stay at home and not go out!

  新型冠状病毒主题英语作文 篇12

  Recently, a kind of virus - novel coronavirus appeared in China.

  As early as 1965, scientists isolated the first strain of coronavirus. Now, the seventh coronavirus discovered in China belongs to the coronaviridae, which is a single stranded RNA virus. It has rod-shaped particle protrusions on its surface, which is similar to the European emperors and crowns in the middle ages. Therefore, humans named it coronavirus, which is a type B coronavirus. Its main target is the lungs. It can have a series of symptoms, such as fever, fatigue and cough, The lungs of the critically ill patients turned white obviously until they died of dyspnea. Now there are signs of infection. Experts are also actively developing treatment drugs. According to the news, this coronavirus is more cunning than SARS 17 years ago. The best way to prevent the virus is not to go out, wash hands frequently, wear masks, keep ventilated and disinfect more. In this way, we can prevent this evil "big devil" from entering the house.

  Here, I also appeal to you to love our beautiful nature and our friends in the nature, not to eat game, not to kill wild animals, not to damage the ecology, and to jointly love our home - the earth.

  Novel coronavirus

  Many people don't know what the novel coronavirus is? Let me tell you today.

  I learned on the Internet that the novel coronavirus is a large virus family, which is different from SARS virus. The cold infection of the virus is on the rise. The current mortality cannot explain all the problems. It depends on the development of the disease. In addition, the coronavirus is easy to mutate. This time, the novel coronavirus is a new strain of coronavirus that has never been found in the human body before.

  After coronavirus infection, common signs include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and dyspnea. In more serious cases, infection can lead to pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, renal failure and even death.

  Now many people are talking about the novel coronavirus. Don't believe these rumors. 1 the gene sequence of the novel coronavirus is 80% similar to the SARS virus. This is wrong. The correct statement is that the novel coronavirus, SARS and mers belong to different subgroups and branches. The similarity of virus genes is not equal to the similarity of pathogenicity. 2sars has never disappeared and has been parasitic on bats. This is also wrong. The correct statement is that no SARS cases have been found in China in the past ten years. No SARS coronavirus has been detected in bats. Novel coronavirus is a long-standing "atypical coronavirus". This statement is also wrong. The correct statement is that the "coronavirus" widely spread on the Internet is just a transliteration of the English name of coronavirus.

  Students, we must go out less and wash our hands frequently. I believe we will beat away the virus "monsters". Come on, Wuhan! Go China!

  新型冠状病毒主题英语作文 篇13

  This year, a new novel coronavirus swept all over the country, especially during the Spring Festival, when people are very mobile. This has also attracted the attention of the people of the whole country.

  In my family, when I heard about the virus early in the morning, my mother prepared masks for everyone in the family and disinfected the house every day. A series of mother's actions have attracted the attention of my sister and me. In the past, my sister, who did not like to be clean and liked to roll on the ground, has become more disciplined. As for me, I was busy popularizing the knowledge of this novel coronavirus to my grandparents and telling them the seriousness of this matter.

  The elderly in the family have few ways to get information, and they often rely on listening to people around them. Therefore, this reflects the importance of our popularization. If we don't even pay attention to ourselves, let alone those ignorant elders at home.

  Fortunately, when I told my grandparents about the seriousness of this incident, my grandparents became vigilant. It not only reduces the number of trips, but also puts on masks when they have to go out. Try to avoid going to places with many people, and come home as soon as you finish your work.

  The Spring Festival in 2020 is destined to become an unforgettable memory in the hearts of many people because of this event. Especially on the spring festival day, take my family and my leading family for example. On the spring festival day, we didn't go out, and we all closed the door and guarded our homes. Many people here do this. After all, people's life and health are the most important.

  Nowadays, the condition of the disease is always broadcast on TV. I am very proud that at this difficult time, the people of the whole country are coordinating with the national decision-making. The most praiseworthy are those medical personnel who are in the early stage of the disease. They are still holding their posts when there is a shortage of materials and making the greatest contribution to the lives and health of the people.

  This is an unforgettable year. I hope all of us can cross this difficult time and welcome the brilliant spring sun.

  新型冠状病毒主题英语作文 篇14

  It's the Spring Festival recently, but the busy streets have become very deserted. People stay at home as if they were imprisoned. It seems that there are invincible invaders outside. They will seize the opportunity to catch people at any time. What's the matter?

  It turns out that there is a new novel coronavirus that is parasitic on people during the Spring Festival. It continues to spread, causing thousands of people to be infected, which makes people pale. It seems to be caused by coronavirus. In fact, human beings are the ultimate culprit.

  The virus was first parasitized on bats in caves, civets, bamboo rats and other wild animals in deep forests. Later, humans killed the parasite and transported it to the seafood market. The virus lost its parasite host, so it began to invade the human world and found the human respiratory tract to settle down. Causes human fever and vomiting. Waiting for the opportunity to drill into more people's bodies. In this way, the SARS in 2003 was repeated again, forming a scene that "the streets are very deserted and people are panic stricken everywhere".

  What do people kill wild animals for? In order to make money, in order to eat. But they did not know, just to meet their own needs, but brought panic to the people of the country. In order to just because of their own little greed, but gave the coronavirus an opportunity to take advantage of. Isn't the invasion of flash floods, mudslides, fires and SARS virus enough to wake up mankind? Perhaps this invasion is the revenge that some human beings deserve. Although human beings will drive the virus out of our homes in the near future, through this "invasion event", I hope that human beings can pay attention and do not wantonly kill wild animals.

  People and animals live in peace and create a safe and happy home!

  新型冠状病毒主题英语作文 篇15

  Novel coronavirus has been spreading in China. The virus originated in Wuhan (South China market), which is very terrible! At present, more than 10000 people have been infected.

  The transmission of this virus mainly depends on droplet transmission and contact transmission. If you have been to several serious epidemic areas or come into contact with people in epidemic areas, you have to isolate yourself for 14 days because the virus has a long incubation period. During this period, if you find yourself suffering from fever, dry cough, limb fatigue, or dyspnea, you may be suffering from a new type of coronary pneumonia.

  Although the new type of coronary pneumonia is terrible, there is no good medicine for the disease, but it is not impossible to prevent it. First of all, in a serious epidemic today, we should try to reduce going out and avoid contact with people; If you have to go out, you must wear a mask. Secondly, wash hands frequently and carefully with hand sanitizer or soap. Fresh food, especially meat and eggs, should be cooked before eating. And develop good eating habits, do not touch wild animals, do not eat wild animals, and do not trade wild animals.

  In fact, many wild animals are the communicators of natural foci. This epidemic is due to the consumption of wild animals by some daring people, which led to the spread of highly infectious pneumonia in China and even in the world. The SARS virus many years ago was also caused by this. It also caused so many people to be infected and even gave their precious lives. Human beings think that they are the primates of all things. In order to satisfy their appetite, the creators of nature waste the lives of wild animals and hunt indiscriminately. However, nature retaliated us severely when we were complacent. I hope that after this battle, we can learn a lesson and treat wildlife well.

  At the same time, we want to thank the angels in white who are fighting in the front line. They work eight hours a day without rest. I don't even have time to go to the bathroom. I can only wrap paper diapers. Wearing thick protective clothing, goggles and masks, the face was pressed out by the masks. All the food is instant noodles. I can only sleep twoorthree hours a day. It's too hard!

  Now that the epidemic has occurred, we can only pay attention to it. We must not despise the new type of coronary pneumonia. Every time we despise it, we are holding back the medical heroes fighting on the front line. We can not only hold back their legs, but also give them encouragement. Let us join hands to tide over the difficulties!

  新型冠状病毒主题英语作文 篇16

  Recently, we have seen a large-scale outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia in the news all over the country. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is highly contagious, mainly through droplet transmission and contact transmission. People are generally susceptible, and the elderly and patients with chronic diseases are more serious after infection. According to the current epidemiology, the incubation period generally does not exceed 2 weeks. The main clinical symptoms are fever, dry cough and fatigue. Some patients have atypical symptoms, so we must stay at home. If we go to places with many people, we will be infected,

  The virus mainly spreads from the eyes, nose, mouth, air and other sealed spaces. The virus is a kind of non cellular life form. It is composed of a long nucleic acid chain and a protein shell. The virus has no own metabolic mechanism and no enzyme system. Therefore, without the host cell, the virus has no life activities and can not reproduce independently.

  Because of the prevalence of novel coronavirus pneumonia, we can't go to school. We should not go out. We must wear masks when we go out. We should wash our hands with soap boxes and alcohol containing hand sanitizers when we go home. When coughing and sneezing, you must cover your mouth disease with paper towels. Don't go to crowded places outside. As time goes by, half of the virus infected people regret having difficulty breathing in a week. Severe patients may rapidly progress to acute respiratory syndrome, septic shock, uncorrectable metabolic acidosis and bleeding and clotting dysfunction. This is what the TV says is severe. The condition is serious, and there is even a risk of death. Of course, some patients have mild symptoms, but no fever and other clinical symptoms. Most patients recover after 2 weeks. Most patients are in good condition after recovery, which is mild.

  Although the virus is terrible, as long as we work together to tide over the difficulties, we will surely overcome the epidemic.

  Finally, let's cheer for the heroes fighting against the epidemic! To the uncle and aunt who are working in the front line, and to the patient who is in the hospital bed! I wish you a speedy recovery!

  Come on, Wuhan!

  Go China!

  新型冠状病毒主题英语作文 篇17

  At the beginning of January 2020, a war without gunpowder smoke began with the patient's coughing. For those fighting on the front line of the epidemic, this is bound to be a different spring festival.

  On TV, I saw you, the back of an angel in white, wearing heavy protective clothing, racing against time in the hospital ward and taking back your life from the virus. I know that you are also sons and daughters, as well as fathers, mothers, wives and husbands. Some couples even work in the same building, but they are fighting at their own posts and have not met for several days. Some young mothers can only take their sons' toys and photos to set foot on the road to the epidemic area in order to comfort their thoughts. We seem to see you angels in white every sleepless night, It was you who gave up your small home for everyone and worked hard to cure every fragile life.

  On TV, I saw your back as a reporter reporting from the front. I saw you appear in front of the camera again and again, running around the construction site of the hospital and the corridor of the hospital. I heard your hoarse voice because of work, heard your breathless voice in the report, and heard your calm voice in the report: "we firmly believe that the epidemic will get better.". It is you who let us know the current situation of the epidemic for the first time.

  In the report, I saw you, the scientific researcher who developed specific anti-virus drugs. During the day, you were exploring anti-virus drugs in the laboratory with gloves and reagent bottles. The sun was shining on you, and your focused back was pulled very long. In the middle of the night, the bright fluorescent lamp reflects your tired back. You will stick to your faith and be able to develop specific drugs as soon as possible.

  It is the "angels in white", "angels of news" and "angels of scientific research". Your busy and persistent back, when you are moving forward with heavy loads, symbolizes hope and security, and gives the people of the whole country strength and confidence.